Costa Rica multimedia workshop

Susanne Stensaas
Profesora Asociada de Patologia
Directora del Desarrollo de Cursos
Facultad de Medicina de La Universidad de Cornell, Nueva York, EE.UU

This sampler document made by Suzanne Stensaas and tested March23, 1998 for CRICS IV Meeting in San Jose. This list will not be updated and thus some of the links will become obsolete. Such is the nature of the WWW.

Invitation to next "Slice of Life and Computers in Healthcare Education Symposium"

Slice of Life 1998 Conference, June 23-27, 1998, University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida. A group of educators and developers share ideas on interface design, new technology, evaluation, faculty development, curricular integration. There are two days of preworkshops some of which are hands on and 2.5 days of presenations, demonstrations and breakout sessions. The abstracts of the program will be posted here. Will be online by April 15.


Spanish Language

Latin American Medical Sites

Most are hospitals and Universities. The major focus is not education. Lists sites by country. Only one or two have image resources

Catholoic University of Chile, PUC

Excellent collection of images in semiología.


Locating Software: Commercial, University, Reviews

Login Brothers

Login Brothers bookstore in Chicago. They have a print catalogue of software which they can mail you. Login Brothers Book Company, 1910 W. Harrison, Chicago, IL 60612, Phone : 1 -800- 621-3314, FAX : (312)432-7701. Their web site is good and they have a big list of titles. They give a good description and have a great order form system. They will notify you of new arrivals; I wrote the webmaster and asked that they have a choice of only notifying you about electronic products in certain disciplines. You can not browse the all electronics all at once, you have to do a subject, author, or publ. search. Still it is nice.

IMG's Online Catalogue

A web site that markets or redistributes software from various publishers. It is by subject area too and appears to be quite useful. I take the name and other info and get more info on Login Brothers site (below).

HealthWorks Software, UK

Available in print and on disk. I have not checked it. It is a bookstore that sells software, like Login Brothers. There is a lot that does not cross the Atlantic.

U. Michigan Software Catalogue

This catalogue is about 2 years old and is also available in print and on floppy disk. "Software for Health Sciences Education: A resource Catalog." Learning Resource Center University of Michigan Medical Center, 1135 E. Catherine Ave., Ann Arbor, MI 48109-0726. Hard copy or electronic version. Cost is about $50. The seventh edition, 1996 is described at: I am not sure if they have funds to continue updating this, a big chore.

Medical Education Software, Evaluation

This site is managed physician for medical students and residents. Has links to the commercial sites. Says it has reviews, but not that many are really reviews, some are links to commercial sites. The reviewers dont give their names

Evaluation Database of Medical Educational Software

This is what we should really suppport and use. I am guilty of not doing so.

Univ. Washington Educational Resources

The interactive brain atlas, atlas of hematology, videodiscs, etc. come from here.

CTICM Guide to Software and Resources or alternate

Detailed listing as of 1997. This gives you access to most of the UK software. However, the database does not seem to be up there now. CTI Centre for Medicine located at University of Bristol produces a "Guide to Software and Resources for Computer Based Learning," March 1996, 3rd edition. All the information in the printed guide is accessible on the CTICM WWW site You can search the database by discipline or by specialty.

Pediatric software grab bag

National Center of Emergency Medicine

Medicine-related web sites related to software of interest to emergency physicians. New or significantly changed sites are added at the top of the list. The selection of sites and their order is purely arbitrar

Medical Software Reviews for subscribers

Info on how to subscribe. $25/yr online. Very good reviews. Available in print too. A publication I find useful is "Medical Software Reviews" published by Healthcare Computing, 462 Second St., Brooklyn, NY 11215 email: or This publication includes billing, office management, CME and medical education. The reviews are very good. Sub. rates are $117 / yrear for printed copy.

Group on Educational Affairs, GEA computer SIG

So. Ill. Site managed by Ken Williamson. Good links to testing and evaluation software

Print only. "The Interactive Healthcare Newsletter" comes out 6 times a year from Stewart Publishing It focuses on Patient and consumer ed, nursing and medical. Also lists web sites. Stewart Publishing also has other health care directories and an annual workshop. They have various electronic directories you can buy on CD or disk.

"Medicine on the Net" published by COR Healthcare Resources is a great place for finding out about new web sites and other issues regarding the net. Subscription is $99/year, issued monthly.

Another magazine is "e.MD" published by McGraw-Hill Healthcare Information Group. Brian Bergeron, MD and former multimedia producer as a medical student, is the editor. I think it is free and they are eager for contributions. In 1996, the circulation manager was Kathleen Kimball-Baker


Resources for (Clip Art) for in-house use. Check the individual sites for restrictions on external use


Fair Use Guidelines for Multimedia

Published in the congressional record


Examples of hands from which to diagnose diseases

Dermatology image bank

Huge site with search engine

Web Path, Univ. Utah

Thousand of pictures, also available on CD ROM

Catholoic University of Chile, PUC

Excellent collection of images in semiología.


Medical Images Digitized References Database Jill Szuscikiewicz head of project similar to knowledge weavers multimedia library , in concept. While this should become an excellent site, there are currently to images available

TASi-Image Standards for UK

Gross Specimen Archive, cases

from Massachusetts General, San Francisco General and U. Mass. Hospitals. 3 sizes. All for teaching.


No restrictions on Educational use

Knowledge Weavers

Everything here is shareware for medical education.

Cornell University Medical College Education Center Home Page

Most are pathology images integrated with text in section called Cornell Med Path Notes or short Pahthophysiology cases with pathology and radiology images.


Posting a question to a Listserver

AAMC listserve Med-Ed

Medical Education and Technology software developers and users. You must subscribe and then you get automatic mailing. I often post a question here when I am looking for software. This is run by Al Salas at the AAMC and the focus is Medical Education Research and development of Educational Technology. You can sign up for the list at the AAMC web site. We should post info on jewels there as we come across them.


Slice of Life / Knowledge Weavers Related

Eccles Online Catalog features hot links to journal tables of contents, multimedia resources (e.g., images from the Slice of Life videodisc)

Knowledge Weavers

Stensaas brainstem atlas

Not generally out yet. Please use if you like. Url's will move to main Knowledge Weavers site when released.

Everything here is Shareware

Brain Atlas

Slice of Life WWW site

Digital Slice of Life Images

Prototype of quality of images digitized from the videodisc

Multimedia Library: Neuroanatomy/S.Stensaas, O.E.Millhouse

Slice of Life 1998 Conference, Tampa, Florida

 Slice of Life 1997 Conference, Chicago

Slice of Life 1996 Workshop:Multimedia in Health Science Education, Copenhagen

MHSE Presentations


Cornell University Site Related

Cornell University Medical College Education Center Home Page

Cornell Med Path Notes

CUMC-NYH main web site

CUMC WWW Home Page

Cornell Medical College Virtual Tour

This is a temporary location and it will move to the main site when released. Give a view of the new education center designed to integrate computers in the curriculum

CUMC WWW Home Page

Cornell University Medical College Education Center Home Page


??Cornell University's CU-SeeMe Page

Information Technology Rights and Responsibilities

CIT computer policy


General and Meta Sites

EHTO European Health Telematics Observatory

Web sites dealing with health informatics. Main page is Mostly European happenings


Cliniweb at Oregon Health Sciences University provides a table of contents and MeSH index to general medical information on the Web. It is well planned and comprehensive, a great starting point.

a variety of links for drugs, docs, vets, patient ed, specific diseases.

Med Connect

CME, MEDLINE, Education, family med.

Global Health Network

Links to many other sites. Includes Latin America. Includes country by country sites. have foreign language versions

Hardin MD: Hardin Meta Directory of Internet Health Sources


Education, General

Stanford University frames or templates for secondary education

Sample of teaching frog endocrinology. Looks very nice. Could use for medicine

Health Explorer

3000 web related sites, some for patients. Those for medical personnel marked.

Efectiveness of instructional technology

a review of the literature, 1995



GASNet, Global Anes. Server Network

Journals, software, video, meetings, book reviews, reference books. Good metasite

Gas Man


Body Simulation - Anesthesia Simulator - Medical Software

Anesoft, Anesthesia Simulator



Gross Anatomy

Human Anatomy Radiology Emory

Anatomy Knee

Arkansas Department of Anatomy

A.D.A.M. Software, Inc.

Human Anatomy On-line -

ADAM slide shows to download

must have the ADAM CD in your machine to use them, but dont think you have to be connected to the Internet once you have downloaded.

Radiologic Anatomy U. Wash

ATLAS Gross Anatomy course, Michigan

Sold by Visible Productions, Colorado

Muscles of the Leg, U. Wash

Origin , Insertion, Action. Tables and original art. Knee, TMJ

Dartmouth Anatomy

Virtual Anatomy Project


The Digital Anatomist Program

Visible Human Correl. Anatomy demo

Done by Mallinckrodt Inst. of Radiol. Images not labeled. Pictures are small and fast

HCIL Visible Human Explorer Prototype

for browsing the Visible Human Database. Dev. at Univ. of Md.

Radiologic Anatomy Browser



Histo slides National University of Singapore

EM pictures pretty good. H and E terrible. Some labeled and with questions, others not.

MedPics, U. Calif. San Diego

Describes program with demo to download. Distributed by Visible Productions

Lumen Histology, Loyola

Not always accessible when in use by students



Workshop Day 1, Molecular Visualization of BioMolecules

MoBy: Molec and Cell Biology 3 gigabytes

Harry R. Matthews, Professor of Biological Chemistry, UC Davis. 23 =50-minute "virtual lectures"5 CD ROMs and are based on animated graphics = with sound and text, plus a glossary, test questions with answers. called MoBy

Chime Resources at U. Mass, Amherst

Assembled by Eric Martz


fatty acids

Phylogeny Metabolism Alignment

The real gem here is the list of 660 enzymes by name with links to what they do! Certain to be a time saver on those biochemistry problem sets!

Swiss 2D page Map

Links to the molecular structure info pages

Enzyme nomenclature database

Swiss repository

PUMA:Interpretation of Genomes

PUMA web-based system that offers integrated access to biological data. It is intended as an environment to support the interpretation and presentation of genomes. E.coli. B. subtilis, Homo sapiens, Salmonella, Myoplasma, Saccharo., Enzymology and Metabol

Case of Frank

Biochem, 12 programs

12 computer programs in biochemistry, all handled commercially >by Helix Educational Software. Descriptions and pricing are included in the >attachment.

Biochem in German, Richard Marz

Cover sPKU etc.

BioChem Thinker

Brookhavencompound index

PDB, protein data base files

Brookhaven Natl. Lab

Molecular and Cell Biology, Structural Biol

U. T. Memphis

Includes links to other sites

Glycolysis, Leed, UK

Structural Class. Protein

Protein Science

Molecules from Chemistry at Okanagan University College

PDB Sources for RasMol/UMass Amherst

Sources of molecules for Rasmole to display

RasMol and Chime

Free molecular visualization software



Case of Bessie Buick

For Training PBL tutors. Car repair case. PDF file needs adobe plugin for netscape

Case of Frank


PBL bibliograhy

compiled by Ken williamson

ClinicSoft (Renal cases)

authoring shell for clinical cases, sounds similar to DxR. Dev. U. Iowa, Jim Duncan, Head of the Information Commons, an instructional technology and electronic classroom facility, thinks it is excellent. Digital Resources in Learning, Inc., Joel Gordon,

Disease Central

Index of Medical case presentations and teaching files : three categories kids page pediatrics, teaching files disease database with alpha index tests and metafile I incld. spanish,II new additionsIII


Cell Biology/Histology

MoBy: Molec and Cell Biology 3 gigabytes

Harry R. Matthews, Professor of Biological Chemistry, UC Davis. 23 =50-minute "virtual lectures"5 CD ROMs and are based on animated graphics = with sound and text, plus a glossary, test questions with answers. called MoBy

Histology Florida

With feedback and interactivity

CELLS alive!

More Histology Resources



Fair use guidelines for multimedia

Fair Use table of Contents

Electronic Publishing

Cyberspace Law Institute

Cyberlaw index, archives

Bookreview, cyberlaw and internet


Internet Resources/some Continuing Medical Education

CME web sites, Medical Computing TodayMedConnect: Information Services for the Medical Community

Silver Platter Physicians HOme Page (PHP) free CME

For subscribers. Each month PHP features at least 10 hours of Categroy 1 CME credits through our Virtual Symposia.

MD Anderson CME

CME Online, Inc. Serving the Online Medical Community


Link sto specific area of interest

Medical Matrix

(General or link to specific area of interest)

Continuing Medical Education Associates

Primary care oriented CME courses, also medical multimedia dev and videotapes

WebDoctor - Continuing Medical Education

MedConnect - Information Services for the Medical Community


Epidemiology, Pub Health, Prevent Med

Global Health and Epidemiology,

Pittsburgh University



Amphibian Embryology Tutorial

Jeffrey Hardin of the University of Wisconsin,Department of Zoology, this multimedia tutorial is designed for the undergraduate student. Fertilization, Cleavage, Gastrulation, and Neurulation., QT movies

BERP, U Penn embryol to 8 weeks

Only overview. Have not figured out how to distribute the whole program

Embryo Development


Emergency Medicine

National Center for Emergency Med

Medicine-related web sites related to software of interest to emergency physicians. New or significantly changed sites are added at the top of the list. The selection of sites and their order is purely arbitrar

Critical Care

for ER or ICU simulated cases

ACLS from Anesoft

28 simulated cases

Finding the Path, Brigham and Womens cases

for radiology residents,EM docs, medical students

Radiology collection of EM

A Student's Guide to Emergency Medicine



Ethics, Physician Assisted Suicide

Medical Protection Society

medico-legal services including ethical and legal advise

The Doctor's Dilemma Ethics, PW

Evaluation of ElectronicTechnology

Quality Med Software, Frieburg

Effectiveness of Instructional Tech

Rob Johnston Review paper. Institute for defense analysis


Evaluation of/by Students/Faculty

Problem solving practical exam station

Might be part of an OSCE. I did not look at it carefully. PDF file. Looks good. Case of chest pain and how to evaluate the student.

Med Stud Clinical Skill Performance form

Very complete 9 page form

AAMC: GEA SIG: Computers: Curriculum Management and Evaluation

Clinical performance based exams (PBEs)

Richard Rathe. We have clinical performance based exams (PBEs) at the end of the first, second, and third years. We also use PBEs for certain clerkships. these exams reveal weaknesses that were not picked up by other evaluations.


Exams/Quizzes forms

Overlay quiz, neuro

Global Brain stem, Wisconsin, Harting

The quizzes have images and auditory feedback

Question Mark software for sale site


Site listing exams

Melbourne Biomedical Multimedia Unit

Exam processor

NBME sample questions


Expert Systems

5GL-Doctor: Med. Diagnosis


Faculty Development

Effectiveness of Instructional Technology

A review of the research literature, 1995

TechME, Monash Univ. Med. Ed. Technology

For those interested in developing, managing or using educational technology, with a focus on Medical Education. While the site is designed with specific references for Monash University, it is also intended as a national and international resource.

Center for Instructional Support, U. Colorado




Congenital syndromes, inborn erros, other disorders, subspecialties by category



Heart Development


Dan's Gallery of the Grotesque: Turnstile

Genetics and Molecular Biology

Gene Map Human Genome, article in science

Article, 1996 in science showing each gene and major diseases linked to it. Also has images related to the diseases.



Special Topics in Virology

Microbiology Resources

FDA/CFSAN Introduction to Foodborne Pathogenic Microorganisms and Natural Toxins



Virology Sites on WWW, Garry Lab at Tulane

From Tulane

National Jewish Med Facts Subject List

Lung, Allergy, Immune

Virology: Lecture Notes, Leiscester, UK

plant, emerging, RNA, transforming, suppressor prteins, cell transformation.

Freeman Press molecules for immuno book

Rotating molecules, need special chime plug in


Internal Medicine

Carriari Site, San Juan Hospital, Costa Rica

Rheumatology hands to diagnose

Dermatology Image Bank, Germany

Huge image bank with search engine

Cardiax, Univ. Michigan

For sale on CD, has 6 case studies

Cardiology heart sounds

Auscultation Assistant, UCLA

Heart Book Yale

Designed "in clear, simple language, [to] cover the entire spectrum of cardiovascular disease," was published by Hearst Books. Now the Yale University Medical Library has made it available via the web (in Adobe Acrobat [400+ pp.pdf], 1992

Welcome to Congenital Heart Disease on the Web

Cardiionics simulator

Used by Univ. of NJ Medicine and Dentistry

Diagnostic tests information server

Online companion to Pocket Guide to Diagnostic Tests. Only lab tests. Coming are microbiol and radiology assays. Enter a test or disease name. Gives normal ranges, cost, comments, refs.

Lung Disease, immune disease, allergy

National Jewish Medical Center

Hematopathology Table of Contents

Endocrine, U. Florida

Geriatrics U. Florida

Asthma from JAMA

Collection of "peer-reviewed resources for physicians, other health care professionals, and the general public." It includes latest news, abstracts and selected full text from recent literature, clinical guidelines, and patient education material.

Alternative Health News

For the latest in heath news try What's New, Health News Bulletins, Wellness News, Heath News, and Healthy Living. Many of these sections are updated daily.

Heart Attack Survival Calculator

Environment Med Photos

Coal miners, uranium


Hematology Images and Cases

Interactive Patient Home Page

Heme Hahnemann

IVI Publishing

About Medscape

DxPlain Harvard

Decision support software must sign license agreement

Medscape - Announcements

Medscape - Women's Health

Review of MedScape


Infectious Disease/AIDS

AIDS-related info from NLM

Microbial Information Network of China

Virus, microbiology


WHO Weekly Epidem. Record

Inernational Association Physicians in Aids care

Clinical Virology


Pfizer - Medical Microbiology


HIV / AIDS Outreach Project

Syphilis Learning Module


Internet/Web courses/Training/Tools

Internet Tutorial, U. Albany Lib.

Tutorial Finding Info on the Web. UC Berkeley

Introduction to the Internet, a glossary of terms, things to know before searching the World Wide Web, how to create search strategies, and how to refine your topic and identify the search tools to fit your needs. webliographies, searchable DBs, journal,

Gif Wizard

Utility that reduces the size of GIF files in order to decrease download time. Users simply enter the URL of the page that contains the GIF(s), and image sizes will be reduced up to 90%.can be optimized with best-fit colors, solids, safe dithered

Scout Report

Information and summaries of key new sites.

User Guide to computer networks

substantial doc, avail as book, Dalhousie Univ., Halifax

Computer Tech. and Instruc.

Acrobat book on internet res, media, graphics, sound, dvd, presentations, courseware dev, www dev, interactiving.

Doctor's Guide to Internet

Web Workshop

A hotlist of good sites to learn about web or internet

Internet Navigator

A tutorial

Medical Internet Guide

Martindale's Health Science Guide to the Virtual Medical Center


Journals, Books online

Medical Education Online, elec. journal

J Neurosci -- Table of Contents

Home page for Medical Education Online

Journal Club on the Web

Review recent medical articles and provides a forum for participants to append comments. Url did not wor

Journal Watch

summary review of significant medical developments culled from 30 publications.

American Society of Internal Medicine

Bimonthly magazine (available in Adobe Acrobat [.pdf] format only), what is happening in the internal medicine practice environment and what internists can do to survive and thrive in it.

Medical Software Reviews

Interactive Healthcare Newsletter

M.D. Consult


Medical Informatics

IMIA Internatinal Medical Informatics Association

Education group interested in info about courses and prgram on MI education. Also have a list server

Evidence Based Medicine

Topic of 1998 info fair and should have links to other web sites.

Medical Informatics Curriculum Survey and Responses

AMIA Medical Informatics Training Programs

Oregon Medocal Informatics program description

Bill Hersh Oregon Health Sciences University

Medical Computing Today

Sue Frisch. Medical Computing Today was created earlier this year to serve as the hub of medical computing information and resources on the World Wide Web.

Medical Informatics FAQ

Explanation of medical informatics and other resources.

Medical Informatics Resources

Clearninghouse including terchnology in med.


Medical Schools/Libraries

Univ. Colo. Health Sci Center

Aberdeen, Scotland, medical illustration

Aberdeen, Scotland, Medical CAL Unit

Univ. Wales

Cambridge, UK, Clinical and Biomedical Computing Unit

Bristol, Inst. Learning and Res. Technology

Cambridge Medical Interactive Technology


Faculty of Medicine Computing Centre


mentioned by Betsy Anagnostelis, London

Loyola Medical School, Stritch, LUMEN

Oregon CliniWeb Browse

U. Mich. Learning Resource Center

University Washington Health Links

UCSF library

internet resources

 Cornell University Medical College Education Center Home Page


IAWF Home Page

LXR*TEST Home Page

Multimedia Library Penn

Osteopathic Colleges

SUMMIT (Stanford University) Home Page

University of Pennsylvania

Medical Software/books Publishers commercial

Online directory of med software

Medical Software Reviews

You must subscribe. $25/ yr

Healthcare Computing software reviews

Medical Software Reviews linked from HealthGate

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